The wave of change is here.


Drink Something You Feel Good About

One can of Mananalu means one less plastic bottle going into our oceans.


“I love all that plastic in the ocean.”


Less than 9% of plastic is recycled. The majority ends up in landfills, in our environment, and in our oceans. This needs to stop. Because it clutters our beaches. Because it kills turtles, birds and fish. Because we want our kids to enjoy the oceans as much as we do.

Mananalu is on a mission to stop single-use plastic water bottles. Catch the wave.

Mananalu Water

What if drinking from a can also means taking a stand?

Aluminum actually gets recycled. Plastic doesn’t.

ONLY 3% of discarded SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES are turned into something new.

So, that plastic water bottle you just put in the bin is probably NOT going to be turned into a pair of guilt free shoes. At best, it’s going to the landfill. At worst, it’s in the ocean.

Aluminum, however, actually gets recycled. It’s the most valuable piece in your recycling bin which means if you get it in the bin, it’s going to get recycled.